About Us

Agri Aqua Bd is a Nursery & Garden Center. We are government registered Importer & Exporter in Bangladesh.

We have been importing various cut flower bulbs like Tulip, Lilium, Amaryllis etc. directly from Holland. We also import various Orchid, Indoor, Adenium, Exotic Plants, various flower & vegetable seeds etc. As a licensed importer, we carry a carefully curated selection of various cut flower bulbs, seeds from the best companies in the world.

Moreover, we are one of the large collectors of Thai & Exotic Plumeria plants in Bangladesh. You can find various Beautiful, Exotic & Rare plumeria plants from us.

We also do Landscaping, Vertical Gardening, Rooftop gardening, Corporate & Indoor gardening Service. We do export Plants, Seeds, Plant products etc. abroad. Feel free to email us if you have any query. Reach us through Phone, Email or Facebook.



Mobile & WhatsApp: +88-01715256077