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About the Owner

The owner, Md. Rakibul Hasan came from a Noblest family. He completed his Honors and M.B.A in Accounting & Information Systems from Jagannath University of  Bangladesh. Also partly completed his professional degree, CMA from The Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh (ICMAB). He worked various group of companies in Bangladesh at a respectful position in Accounts Department for about ten years.

In 2014, he thought to work with water plants. He focused to preserve the native water plants from extinct due to urbanization and civilization. He collected his first water lily plant Nymphaea rubra, from a village outside of Dhaka. Then he collected Nymphaea stellata, then Nymphaea nouchali, Nymphaea juno and Nymphaea pubscene. He successfully grew them at home in small containers. Next year in 2015, he collected some Thai varieties water lilies. Grew and started his selling with N.stellata & N. capenses that year through online. That year, he also collected a rare native plants Nuphar lutea (স্বর্ণকুমুদ). That was just his beginning…

However, he always dreams to become an entrepreneur. Do something new that not common in Bangladesh, which will be not only a source of his earnings but also help people. In 2016, he established his water garden nursey at his own premises and also created a Facebook page Agri Aqua Bd, which was the first Bangladeshi water garden center that dedicated to water lily & lotus plants with an intention to revolve the Water Gardening Culture in Bangladesh; farming, cultivating and selling of water plants not only in Bangladesh but also exporting to other countries. Today, there are many varieties in his collections, which are constantly updating.

From 2019, he started hybridizing of waterlily and lotus. That year, he got a native Nouchali pure purple cross hybrid which bloom all the year round. As hybridizing is a continuous process, he is trying his best to find new beautiful & stable varieties.

His main goals are to Preserve, Produce & Distribute native extinct water plants.  Also help everyone to get best quality water lily, lotus and water plants at the best price.

Besides, from 2020, he expanded his business by importing cut flower bulbs directly from Holland, USA. Also importing landscaping and Ornamental Plants, Indoor and Orchid Plants from different countries.

Now he has two Nurseries in Narayanganj at his owned lands. He is working hard to Build a Company that is Loved by Everyone.

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